3 Benefits to Investing In An Onsite Clinic

In case you haven’t heard, onsite clinics are an amazing benefit for companies. It may sound unbelievable that paying for an onsite clinic could aid a company in so many ways, but more and more companies are investing in these easily accessible clinics and enjoying all the advantages they offer.

If you are considering an onsite clinic and are interested in why so many companies have already implemented one, read these three reasons your competitors are already investing in onsite clinics:

1.  To Save Money

The main reason companies begin considering onsite clinics is because their healthcare costs have reached astronomical levels. If, year after year, your healthcare costs are increasing, onsite clinics are one way to begin to bring that number back down. By self-funding, taking more control over your healthcare costs, and increasing employees’ access to a clinic, they will have easier access to quality primary care and won’t be spending as much by going to the ER or an Urgent Care.

2.  To Attract Top Talent

Having a company culture that focuses on providing good benefits and valuing health and wellness is something candidates would be impressed by when considering working at a company. It empowers employees to improve their wellbeing, which increases employee satisfaction– making them happier and more productive.

3.  To Improve Employee Health

The most important reason that companies are investing in onsite clinic is purely to improve employee health. With the current confusing healthcare system, people are becoming less willing to make doctor visits when they may really need to. Having a clinic steps from their desk, that they can go to whenever the need arises, vastly improves employee health. Furthermore, having a doctor that an employee can see over and over again and actually form a good relationship makes it even easier and less intimidating to make a visit, whether it’s to get over a sickness or just for some health coaching. The employee would be able to get any questions they have answered–  whether they are about health in general or an insurance question– and feel comfortable doing it.

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