4 Effective Ways to Gain Interest in Your Onsite Clinic

Whether you’re getting ready to open your onsite clinic or it’s already established, it’s important to continue to communicate to your employees the many benefits it offers. Having access to healthcare just steps from their desk is a huge resource they should take full advantage of.

Here are four effective ways to get your employees excited about your onsite clinic:

Show Support From the Top

From your CEO to VPs and managers, all levels of leadership should support your onsite clinic and use its services to some extent. When employees notice their leaders engaged in this activity they’ll be encouraged to take part as well. Share talking points that your leaders can use in their team meetings in case they don’t feel well-versed already.

Leverage Employee Champions and Testimonials

While executive buy-in is a high priority, it’s equally important for employees to see their peers benefiting from your clinic as well. Identify employees who regularly use the clinic and partner with them to become brand champions. Their coworkers can look to them for clinic information that is relevant to them. Circulate short video testimonials of your champions sharing specific reasons why they use the clinic and how it’s helped them.

Launch a Strategic Communications Campaign

Don’t assume that because you send a monthly email to all employees about the clinic that all–or even most–people will read it. Since many people are flooded with emails daily, a lot of your content likely goes unnoticed. That’s why it’s important to create a mix of communication methods to push the message of your onsite clinic. Table-top tri-folds in the cafeteria and break rooms, posters in elevators, internal videos via the intranet or email and pushed voicemails on their company phones are all great ways to share you messaging.

Show What’s In It for Them

Get to know your employees needs as far as what they’re looking for in an onsite clinic. You can do this through surveys, focus groups and other engagement methods. For example, if people are interested in a reduction in time spent getting healthcare, be sure you highlight the convenience of the onsite clinic compared to leaving work and spending time in traffic etc.

Remember each organization is unique so there’s no one size fits all recipe. Get to know what methods of engagement your employees respond to best and continue to build on them. This will help your clinic gain momentum and succeed.

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