5 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Bringing in the right people to your organization is a key part of your overall success. On the other hand, hiring the wrong person can be very costly. Fine tuning your hiring process can you help you ensure you make the right choices to build a strong workforce.

Here are some ways you can strengthen your hiring process:

Create a well written job description

Taking time to compose a job description can help attract competitive candidates that would be well suited for the role and your organization. Instead of just compiling a laundry list of responsibilities, include how this job can help the prospective employee grow in their career. This is a chance for you to highlight why a talented worker would want to join your team.

Gain more than one perspective

Relying on just one interviewer’s point of view is not enough. It’s critical to have candidates that you’re serious about meet with people from various levels of your organization to gain different perspectives. Multiple checks can help ensure you don’t hire the wrong person. You don’t want to make it a long, drawn out process, though. Some experts recommend including the boss, the boss’s boss and a senior HR employee.

Ask the right questions

Use your time during interviews to ask a standard set of good questions to all candidates you meet. Asking situational and behavioral questions can give you insight into how the person problem solves and thinks. For example, asking your interviewee to describe a time when they had to deal with a difficult customer can get them away from rehearsed responses and help you get to know their work style based on their past experiences.

Sell what you have

When recruiting talent for your workforce, be sure to highlight what makes the position desirable. To start, make sure you’re offering a competitive salary for the industry, if possible. If you’re not in a position to offer a higher salary, you can attract candidates in other ways. Share what makes working at your company unique and beneficial for employees. Do you offer flexible working hours, telecommuting or a casual, fun atmosphere? Let them know how your company is a great place to work.

Execute a strategic onboarding plan

New hires aren’t always completely sold on the organization when they first begin. To ensure that your employees start off in a way that engages them, and ultimately retains them, focus on building an onboarding process with clear objectives. Onboarding should start before the employee’s first day by providing information on where to go on day one and well as more insight into company mission, vision and values.

It’s in your power to find top talent for your team by strengthening the steps it takes to get them there. Use the tools at your disposal to make your hiring process better and enjoy the many benefits of a competitive, driven workforce.

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