Integrating Health Into The Workplace

People used to seek work-life balance between their careers and the other parts of life—like health and wellness. Now, the concept of work-life integration—the blending of the personal and professional—is becoming the more accepted practice. With full-time workers in America today spending more than one-third of their day on the job, employers have the opportunity to help employees integrate healthy behaviors at work. More and more organizations are looking to on-site wellness as an effective approach to support the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of workers.

On-site wellness looks different for every workplace based on its size and the needs of its employees. Some employers invite on-site health coaches or wellness coordinators to educate employees and help them set and reach their goals. Larger organizations offer on-site healthcare clinics so that employees can have convenient access to health care right down the hall. Fitness classes and wellness challenges also help engage people to take steps toward healthy lifestyles.

Leaders can also look to policy changes to help motivate their workers—like providing time and facilities for exercise, offering healthy food options and holding “walk and talk” meetings. Financial incentives for meeting certain health targets, like reducing cholesterol level or blood pressure can also make on-site wellness a success. Using online resources to share wellness information and allow employees to report activity will also help engage those working for decentralized organizations or who work remotely.

Effective on-site wellness programs, personnel, and services can benefit employers, employees, their families, and even communities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , wellness programs can shift the focus of health care from treatment to prevention. This transition can lead to less costs to the employer due to reduced absences and lower healthcare costs. Fostering an organizational culture of health and wellness can also increase employee productivity and morale.

Does your organization offer on-site wellness resources? Find out how you can start using the services provided by your employer to reach your health goals today.

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