3 Major Reasons To Strengthen Your Benefits Communication Strategy

Health insurance is an expensive investment in your employees, with an average cost of $6,435 per employee for individual coverage, or $18,142 for family coverage. Providing this benefit is also a strong way to show employees that you value them, and can help position your organization for success. It’s not enough to have great benefits, though, you have to help your current and prospective employees understand what’s available to them so they can engage and participate.

Promotion—through strategic communication—can help your company get the most out of your investment in employee health benefits in three powerful ways:

Retain and attract top talent

When you show your employees how you can save them money, you improve your chances of keeping them on staff. In your benefit communications, be sure to highlight cost-saving offerings like employee discount programs. For prospective employees, it’s important to promote how you will invest in them if they choose to join your team. In a recent Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey, about 60 percent of people said that benefits and perks are a major factor in considering whether to accept a job offer. Talented people will shop around to find an organization that offers benefits that matter to them.

Increase employee loyalty

Think of your employees benefits as a signal of commitment to their health and well-being. It’s important to convey this message in your benefits material as a way to help build employee trust. This approach can help employees feel valued and more likely to commit to their current jobs. Taking time to gather employee feedback on your benefit communication—and then implementing necessary changes—is another strategy to show employees you care about their experience.

Improve your image as great place to work

When your employees understand their benefits and appreciate the value you place on them, they’ll become your best brand advocates. Highly satisfied employees will share their positive experiences which can bolster your brand in your community and even more broadly. When your organization’s image is strengthened through word-of-mouth promotion, it can help reduce your recruitment costs for the future.

Taking time to build and implement a strong employee benefit communication strategy can help you and your employees get the most out of your health benefits. Use clear, engaging and relevant tactics to reach your population and make sure to continue to gather employee feedback along the way.

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