What is Onsite Healthcare?

The words “onsite healthcare” might sound straightforward, but not everyone knows exactly what they entail. An onsite healthcare facility is a setting where an employer offers one or more medical and wellness services, delivered by licensed providers, to all or a designated portion of its active population and other eligible individuals. They may also be referred to as “health and wellness centers,” because of the range of things they offer at the facility, such as first aid, occupational health, acute, primary, specialty, condition management, wellness and ancillary services.

Onsite healthcare can be customized to whichever setting it’s needed in. If an employer doesn’t have enough space or money to construct a clinic, a near site clinic is a viable option. Near site clinics can be shared with other employers in the same area, which would allow the cost to go down for both employers. The services offered through a company’s onsite healthcare facility and the types of licensed providers that work at the facility can be customized as well, depending on the objectives of the employer.

There are many benefits to having onsite healthcare at a workplace. Although it requires an initial investment, an onsite clinic has the potential to reduce healthcare costs over time because of fewer employees visiting urgent care centers or the emergency room. Having a clinic in the same building reduces employees’ absences, which increases productivity. Additionally, onsite healthcare is an amazing benefit. With so many young professionals lacking a regular primary care doctor, employee satisfaction would increase just by having access to a full healthcare facility and knowing that an employer is so invested in their well being. Onsite healthcare also allows employees to actually develop a relationship with their doctor, making it less scary to make an appointment whenever they need one.

All in all, onsite healthcare is an easily customizable service that can be offered to employees. Being able to save money while improving employee morale and health is an invaluable benefit.

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